Foeticide in other countries

Barbed WireThere are some countries where no foeticides has ever been reported.
These places are Sikkim, Maghalaya, Negaland, Mezoram and Jammu Kashmir. This report was based on the study done by in 1994 - 1996.

In California, they use the term homicide instead of foeticide for killing an unborn child. However, they do not consider it as homicide if the killing was done to an eight week old embryo. For them, it will only be considered as a crime if the fetus has already reached the stage of vitality and quickening.

In India, foeticide pertains to the general practice of eliminating all female fetuses to secure male offspring. This was carried out by allowing the pregnant woman to undergo ultra-sound and should they find out that the fetus is a female, they would eliminate it because they prefer male fetuses. This condemned practice was due to the growing number of women in the land. This type of practice was also seen in some parts of China.

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